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I'd like to write this code on objective c:

    bool BordVertical::collisionwith( Jeu& jeu, ElementJeu& element )
    // Verify if the element is balle ype
    Balle* balle = dynamic_cast<Balle*>( &element ) ;
    if( balle )
        balle->Vx( -balle->Vx() ) ;
        return true ;
    return false ;

ball is a subclass of ElementJeu... Does anything similar exist in obj-c?


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You don't need it. Objective-C knows the type of your objects.

- (BOOL) collisionwith:(ElementJeu*)element {
    if ([element isKindOfClass:[Balle class]]) {
        [element setVx:[element getVx]];
        return YES;
    return NO;

PS: jeu is redundant.

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generally the setter/getter pair would be setVx: and vx not getVx –  Joshua Weinberg Feb 8 '11 at 13:26

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