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I have stored a field in index file which is untokenized. When I try to get that field value from the index file I'm not able to do get it.

Note: I have another one untokenized field, there I'm able to get that value, the data stored in this field are not having any white spaces among this.

Example: (smith,david,walter,john)... But the one I'm asking is having white spaces among it. Example: (david smith,mark john,bill man)...

I don't think this might be the reason.

Your help is appreciated.

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Please make the example more descriptive, as in: The value stored in the index is: AAAAAAA, The value in the query is: BBBBBB. From the current phrasing of your question, the problem seems to be exactly having an untokenized field. –  Yuval F Feb 8 '11 at 16:01

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Remember that tokenization or lack of it has to be done both while indexing and searching. Did you try using a keywordTokenizer in the search side?

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No... Can you please explain where and how to use keywordTokenizer with an example?? Thanks in advance.. –  perumal Feb 9 '11 at 3:55

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