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in html, I have a button list. if user click a button,
doCommand function will be called. the code is following,

<li class="button1" onclick="doCommand('bold');" id="bold-button" title="bold">B</li>
<li class="button2" onclick="doCommand('bold');" id="italic-button" title="bold">I</li>
<li class="button3" onclick="doCommand('bold');" id="underline-button" title="bold">U</li>
<li class="button4" onclick="doCommand('bold');" id="strikethrough-button" title="bold">S</li>

this is plain expression, normal web programmer will code like that. but, I want to hide onclick event and its function for security reason. so the html code will be like this,

<li class="button1" id="bold-button" title="bold">B</li>
<li class="button2" id="italic-button" title="bold">I</li>
<li class="button3" id="underline-button" title="bold">U</li>
<li class="button4" id="strikethrough-button" title="bold">S</li>

is there any efficient way to do this? hiding onclick property but do the same work. I am useing jquery.

any comments welcome~

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if you set the same class for the btns, you could easily do:


<li class="button1 clickable" id="bold-button" title="bold">B</li>
<li class="button2 clickable" id="italic-button" title="bold">I</li>
<li class="button3 clickable" id="underline-button" title="bold">U</li>
<li class="button4 clickable" id="strikethrough-button" title="bold">S</li>


$('.clickable').click(function(){/* doCommand('bold') or whatever */})

Edit: if you want on click to directly transform the text to bold, you could use the this (that refers to the element you clicked, and you need to wrap it inside jQuery $) keyword inside the function i.e.

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but, how can I know which button was clicked? –  Jinbom Heo Feb 8 '11 at 13:38
inside the function, the "this" refers to the li 'button' you clicked.. if you alert this.id it will show you the right id for each button.. –  stecb Feb 8 '11 at 13:41
ah~ thanks steweb ^^; –  Jinbom Heo Feb 8 '11 at 13:46
You're welcome. I edited my example with an example of this ;) –  stecb Feb 8 '11 at 13:54
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The class should be the same at all buttons, like this:

<li class="button button1"...
<li class="button button2"...

Then, you can do like this in javascript.

$("li.button").click(function() {
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Maybe we can reuse the title attribute? doCommand(this.attr('title')); –  erickb Feb 8 '11 at 13:38
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You can use jquery's document ready event to wire up the events:

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