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log4j.rootCategory feild in log4j.properties can have 4 different values namely:

DEBUG,WARN,INFO and ERROR. Can you tell me which is most suitable for what cases?

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From the least severe to the most one:


If you choose one of them log4j will print all messages of that type and of more severe type.


  • ALL: prints all messages*
  • DEBUG: debug messages
  • INFO: information that aren't problems
  • WARN: not error but something that could cause a future error
  • ERROR: something went wrong, a problem that the application manages, the application could be stopped or not, usually must be reported
  • FATAL: an error that crashes the application
  • OFF: prints no messages*

(*) these are only keywords; for these categories there are no methods all(msg) and off(msg), like we have error(msg) or debug(msg).

Usually during development I set to ALL or DEBUG, while when deployed I set to INFO or WARN.

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