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I am new to JQgrid and am unsure how to handle this use case.

When a user clicks on a link in a specific row in jQgrid I need to get the row data with a separator.

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The answer for the above question is ,when your are clicking on the rows you will have a unique value for each rows from that we need to get the id and by using the jQgrid function.

With getRowData we can get that row column values.

The sample example is pasted below:

var reqlaborId = jQuery("#list1").jqGrid('getRowData', id);
reqlaborId = reqlaborId.ahcc_laborcan_header_id;

This works fine for me...

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Retrieving original row data from jqGrid


Retrieving selected rows from jqGrid

Or else..

What I had done earlier was simpler.. appended the required data in link in a column as queryString.. e.g index.php?id=123 if it can work for u..

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var newKey=jQuery("input[name='key']").val();

where 'key' is name of column

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