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When working on large code base with large team, its real challenge to maintain code quality and coding style.

well, controlling code quality is a huge topic on its own. But control of code style could be simplified with a tool.

We started using indent. Its real neat tool with huge set of options to configure. In the beginning we were fiddling with the source and had some scripts but finally settled with UniversalIndentGUI which comes with few more beautifiers such as GreatCode, Artistic Style, Uncrustify, BCPP etc.

[I merely wanted to add this as information instead of question. But please add your views, opinions if you have any other interesting findings! Cheers]

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Ask a question and try to give your solution as an answer so that people can vote it up or down. Currently there is no way to vote your question up and answer down !!! – Niyaz Sep 8 '08 at 9:43
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If you use VIM you can use the "=" feature to automatically format the code.
Select the code and then press the "=" key, or else press "=" and then type a movement command.

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the team should have standard coding format or style so that the team can implement it.

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Personally, I think this kind of 'un-question' is a bit irritating and goes against the stackoverflow principles of "ask a question, get the best answer, accept it".

Just my 2c...

Relating to the question, if you're already developing with an IDE, have code a separate 'code beautifier' GUI seems madness. And if you're not using an IDE, then chances are that shell scripts are more up your street anyway.

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A Google search for "C coding standards enforcing" returns quite a lot of hits to tools, sadly most closed source. Running the compiler with maximal/selected warnings will catch many dubious constructions, as will tools geared towards finding vulnerabilities (some are mentioned by David Wheeler in his "Secure programming for Unix and Linux").

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