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I am having some problems with commands that have sudo using paramiko
f.ex sudo apt-get update

here is my code:

    import paramiko
        import paramiko
        print "There was an error with the paramiko module"
cmd = "sudo apt-get update"
ssh = paramiko.SSHClient()
    print "succesfully conected"
    print "There was an Error conecting"
stdin, stdout, stderr = ssh.exec_command(cmd)
print stderr.readlines()
print stdout.readlines()

This is a quick code. I know that I need to add sys.exit(1) and all that but this is just to demostration

I used this for reference:

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This is, in essence, a duplicate of Paramiko and Pseudo-tty Allocation. I suggest you read the answer to that question :). – Andrew Aylett Feb 8 '11 at 17:03
Another, very similar question I answered is here – Spencer Rathbun Sep 27 '11 at 20:50

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Fabric has sudo command. It uses Paramico for ssh connections. Your code would be:
from fabric.api import run, sudo

def update():
    """Run `sudo apt-get update`.

    lorem ipsum
    sudo("apt-get update")

def hostname():
    """Run `hostname`"""


$ fab update -H
[] Executing task 'update'
[] sudo: apt-get update
[] out: Reading package lists... Done
[] out: 

Disconnecting from done.

$ fab --display update
Displaying detailed information for task 'update':

    Run `sudo apt-get update`.

        lorem ipsum

$ fab --list
Available commands:

    hostname  Run `hostname`
    update    Run `sudo apt-get update`.

From the docs:

In addition to use via the fab tool, Fabric’s components may be imported into other Python code, providing a Pythonic interface to the SSH protocol suite at a higher level than that provided by e.g. Paramiko (which Fabric itself leverages.)

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I was having the same problem, and I fix with this:

In your sudo file, just add this:

Defaults:your_username !requiretty

or remove Defaults requiretty.

Also make sure your user have permission to run the command with sudo.

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