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I have an idea for a similar website to FML, Texts From Last Night, where its completely user driven and content is made by users. What would be the best implementation for a moderator system. If this site gets insanely poplular, am i personally going to want to sit there and "approve" 1000's of submissions a day? Is there a best practice in this situation. Do i get the user to submit something, i get an email and then i access an admin area and approve/disapprove the submission, which either adds it to a "live site" database or trashes the item?

Has anyone got any relevant experience with this?

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I would do it in stages. In the beginning, before you achieve "critical mass", you probably do not have a lot of users. You can keep it up yourself, and you can better put some development time in other features.

Now when you get some users, the ones that come back might be your best bet for moderation. You do not need to worry about selection, you probably know some of them.

When you are using several people and you don't want to appoint them anymore, you have to do something like stackoverflow does: when you don't have much quantity, you need to ensure quality of the votes.

Later on when you have a lot of users, you can use the quantity of votes to filter out 'bad' votes, or people with some sort of agenda.

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