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lets say i want an array with a tag name so when i want a specific row i can call it with its tag name, ie myArray['tag_one'][2] for the tag_one tag i want the 3rd element.

So is there a way i can achieve this?

something like :

var myArray=[

excuse my bad English, thx in advanced

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You can use an object literal:

var myObject = {
    tag_one: [1,2,3],
    tag_two: [11,22,33],
    tag_three: [111,222,333]

// Using bracket notation:
alert(myObject["tag_one"][0]);  //-> 1

// Using dot notation:
alert(myObject.tag_two[0]);  //-> 11
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yeap works!! thnx a lot :) –  mt0s Feb 8 '11 at 15:34

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