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I have the following line of code:

$('#text').append('<h2 style="color:white">afdghadfg</h2>');

If I paste this code inside of a script tag in the html, it works fine. However, when placed inside a .js file it does nothing.

Know that the .js file has plenty of other working javascript and jQuery code, it is only this line that won't work.

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Could be the context you are putting it. Make sure it's not wrapped in a function and directly executable. Also check the JavaScript console (Firebug / CDT) to see if there are any errors.

Another thing to check is if it's getting executed before DOM ready, but I can't really tell you without seeing more code.

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You were right, I needed to make the call to the .js file in the body instead of the head. Thanks. – Yottagray Feb 8 '11 at 15:59

Try this in your JS file:-

    $('#text').append('<h2 style="color:white">afdghadfg</h2>');
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