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I'm trying to achieve a simple plugin that takes the current wiki page content and matches/replaces everytime a word occurs via regular expression/ The regular expression part itself is easy, I'm more interested in how to retrieve/iterate the wiki content and return it after replacing. How can I do this?



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If you're writing a plugin, I'm sure you know their source is available on github, and if you check that out you can use the models they already provide. I haven't tested, but it looks like if you:

require "#{path_to_redmine_source}/app/models/wiki_content"
WikiContent.all.each do |post|
  post.text.gsub!(/important_data/, "nonsense")

that should work, and it will use whatever adapter's redmine already has configured. It will, however, require loading all the plugins that redmine uses, which could suck.

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Awesome, thanks for that! For me it's not a problem that it loads all the plugins, I can look into that later. I've been trying to get it to work by inserting important_data in the wiki and using the following code: paste.enzotools.org/show/1500 - it doesn't work for me, do you know what I'm doing wrong? Thanks! Dennis –  FLX Feb 10 '11 at 9:53
Once again I haven't tested, but I edited my post and think it might work better. I took out the post.text =, and added a ! to post.save, which will raise and error if things go wrong. Hope that helps. –  rm-rf Feb 11 '11 at 13:39

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