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I've been asked to research an implementation of phone menu/IVR system for a prospective customer. I know nothing about IVRs and don't want to become an expert in the area, so I need a dumb, fast easy, cheap solution. In particular, it needs to be easy to build a phone menu.

I've gone through previous iterations of this question in Stackoverflow. From all the great responses, it seems to me that Twilio provides the quickest, easiest solution. Although it's pay, they don't have setup costs and it scales with you - you pay a dollar a month per phone number, for example. Otoh, while Asterisk seems like a great piece of software, and it doesn't rely an a particular vendor like Twilio, it may be overkill for now.

I'd be very interested in everyone's thoughts on going with Twilio over Asterisk, or if there's a better recommendation for a simple phone-menu solution that's fast, cheap and good.

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I would definitely suggest Twilio, but I work here so I'm definitely not objective. However, I went through a similar decision making process before working here and it came down to what I wanted to be: an app developer or an asterisk admin. The choice for me was easy then. If you have any questions about Twilio, hit me up jsheehan@twilio.com –  Runscope API Tools Feb 22 '11 at 19:10

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I'm an IVR developer for a large company. We've used AVAYA, Aspect, Nortel/Periphonics and Asterisk solutions for about 15 years. Although Asterisk is a cheap, open source and a very flexible platform, it's also not entirely uncomplicated to develop in. It's Good and Cheap, just not very Fast (to get an application to production). If you have a non-trivial project, I'd recommend going with a hosted solution like Twilio.

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