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Table tags

   web          |    tags                                       |     rank

    google.com   |search,google,searchengine,engine,web          |     1
    facebook.com |facebook,social,networking,friends,community   |     2
    youtube.com  |video,youtube,videos,entertainment,media       |     3
    yahoo.com    |yahoo,search,email,news,searchengine           |     4
    bing.com     |search,searchengine,microsoft,bing,tools       |     25
    twitter.com  |twitter,social,community,blog,socialnetworking |     11
    orkut.com    |orkut,social,google,community,networking       |     109
    myspace.com  |myspace,social,networking,community,friends    |     53   

Is it possible to find similar sites by searching web and order by its rank for example

search for google.com the result must be yahoo.com,bing.com (yahoo.com is on 4th rank so bing come after yahoo)

search for facebook.com the result must be myspace.com,orkut.com(myspace.com is on 53 rank so orkut come after myspace)


search by tags and get above result??


Above one is not a final table structure as this for development... final structure will be like this

web      |     similar
google.com | yahoo.com,bing.com,baidu.com,ask.com


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1) Fix your database schema so tags are in their own table. 2) If you search for google why don't you get orkut as well? 3) Google is the only one that does web? Huh. –  CanSpice Feb 8 '11 at 18:56
I want to filter google from result –  aron n Feb 8 '11 at 18:58

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Search by similarity is particularly complex. However, you can do it with cURL to execute your requests and simpleXML to parse response, at this point you can save position of an page on result.

Maybe you want also retrieve the google page rank, you can do it with this class Google Page Rank Checker

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oops I already have all data with me on tags table...I want find similar sites from tags table only..not talking about parsing –  aron n Feb 8 '11 at 19:11

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