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I am working on a small extension for personal consumption and practice. What I would like to do is provide some information every time firefox starts using a modal dialog. I know this is generally frowned upon, but this is mostly for know-how. I have a few question regarding some things---I feel like there are better ways to do them. Kindly share your wisdom:

  1. I have created a small dialog xul, and I have an event listener registered to the load event of the main window. To actually display the dialog, I use:

    window.openDialog("chrome://myext/content/prompt.xul", "dialogname", "chrome,dialog,modal,centerscreen,resizable", params).focus();

Problem 1: I can never get the start up dialog to be on the center screen (even if I have centerscreen enabled), it starts top left---it would be nice to have it in the middle---something like firefox's password-on-startup request. How can I achieve that?

  1. I would like the modal window to open only once per session, even if there are multiple instances of firefox. What I have done to accomplish that is, once the dialog runs, I set an extension preference, and I check that before opening another dialog on the "load" event of any new window.

Problem 2: To make sure I somehow don't have preferences set from a previous session, I try to check if this is the first window opened, and if so, I reset the preferences. Just to be safe, I also reset them on the unload event of the last window that closes. To discover the first/last load and unload, I use the nsIWindowWatcher service, and see if I can traverse the returned enumerator:

    var ww = Components.classes[";1"]                                      
    var en = ww.getWindowEnumerator();
    var win1 = en.getNext();
    //if there is no more en.getNext(), then this is the 1st window

There has to be a better way to do this, no? Some event which only fires once per session (not per window) for example?

  1. If the dialog box is cancelled, I want firefox to close down. Right now, I accomplish that through a simple window.close() associated with the cancel button of the dialog. However, since the original load (which triggered the modal dialog) is called after the page finishes loading, I can see a small glimpse of the homepage before it closes due to window.close()---this is not elegant. Is there an event similar to "before_page_load"? What is the proper way to accomplish this goal.

Thank you very much, and your input will be very helpful. Once again, this is mostly for personal use, so kindly ignore the usability factor of a startup modal dialog.

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You probably need to observe the final-ui-startup notification, which happens before the main window opens. You do this by registering a component to observe the profile-after-change notification, then during that notification, add yourself to observe the final-ui-startup notification. When your component subsequently receives that notification, it can then open your modal dialog and subsequently quit the application if necessary.

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