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What are the "best-practice" custom logging options for Rails3? Can anyone suggest good gems, or techniques, for logging.

In general, what is the convention for custom, non-controller, non-model stuff? If I make a custom logger like this:

class CustomLogger < Logger
  def format_message(severity, timestamp, progname, msg)

logfile = File.open(RAILS_ROOT + '/log/custom.log', 'a')  #create log file
logfile.sync = true  #automatically flushes data to file
CUSTOM_LOGGER = CustomLogger.new(logfile)  #constant accessible anywhere

(stolen from here) Should that go in a file in "/lib"? In "application.rb"? Or in an initializer?

I can't seem to find anything that describes these little differences from previous Rails versions.


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'lib' still seems to be the proper place to put this stuff.


Where should libraries go in Rails 3?

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This gem works really well for customizing log output: https://github.com/johmas/itslog

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I put mine in application.rb, because it's only a few lines. I'm lazy like that. If you put your class in a file in lib/, you'll have to require it manually or set up lib/ autoloading.

Here's my logger code:


class DreamLogFormatter < Logger::Formatter
  def call(severity, time, progname, msg)
    "[%s(%d)%5s] %s\n" % [time.to_s(:short), $$, severity, msg2str(msg)]


config.logger = Logger.new(Rails.root.join('log', "#{Rails.env}.log"), 10, 30*1024*1024)
config.logger.formatter = DreamLogFormatter.new

Notice I roll the logs every 30MB and keep the last 10 logs.

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Rails uses BufferedLogger. I read some discussion on the ruby-core mailing list, and it seems pretty arbitrary. The only benefit they described was non-interleaving for multiple processes writing at the same time, but the Stdlib Logger class for 1.9.2 has a Mutex in it, which appears to accomplish the same thing. Except Logger is easy to alter, and has automatic log rolling. I'll just log to Mongo if it ever becomes a major problem. –  Duke Jun 11 '11 at 20:41
Watch out for this -- If you are using multiple processes in production (which you should be), Logger will interleave the messages. –  Duke Dec 23 '11 at 22:22

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