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I created a simple install.bat file into my application folder, to execute its thing on windows.

But it only executes the first line of the .bat file.

Is there something that I need to add so it continues after the first one is done?

copy something somewhere
move something somewhereelse
gem install etc

Above are the type of commands that are in the .bat.

Do I need to anything something inbetween?

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A batch file should keep doing each line in sequence, until you either explicitly exit or something blows up severely hard and kills the command interpreter. – Marc B Feb 8 '11 at 19:53
Add "pause" (without quotes) as the last line of your batch file and it will leave the command window open so you can check for errors. – John K. Feb 8 '11 at 19:54

Is the first command in your batch file actually a copy command, or is it a command that's running another batch file?

Running a batch file from another by simply using the second batch file;s name will not return to the calling batch file.

If you want one batch file to invoke another and return you have to use the call command.

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As written above, all three lines will execute. I imagine that the second and third lines are failing. You should capture the output which will explain why those lines failed.

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in fact I've ran it on the prompt it doesn't fail. The gem install takes a while its probably not locking and its trying to execute the other commands without being able to. – Rodrigo Goytacaz Feb 9 '11 at 12:08

Are you overwriting a file? If so you'll need to add the /Y to the copy command to supress the prompt that asks if you want to overwrite the file.

Use the /h parameter to get help on the copy command. It will show this usage and some others.

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