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I am having problem when I do a query to mongodb using pymongo. I do not know how to avoid getting the _id for each record.

I am doing something like this,

result = db.meta.find(filters, [ 'model', 'fields.parent', 'fields.status', 'fields.slug', 'fields.firm', ''])

I do not want to iterate the cursor elements only to delete a field. Thanks,


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You can exclude the id object this way:

db.meta.find({}, {"_id" : 0})
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Is this because it's looking for an _id of 0? – James Milner Nov 25 at 22:49

Does make any sense. The object id is core part of each document. Convert the BSON/JSON document to a native datastructure (depending on your implementation language) and remove _id on this level. Apart from that it does not make much sense what you are trying to accomplish.

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Thank for you reply, but I am using mongo for a large amount of data API, I really do not want to share the _id of each record with the world and for performance issues, I do not want to iterate and remove it for the result. I keep the _id for internal process. – J. Quintas Feb 9 '11 at 17:53

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