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I need to calculate the number of days for a given month in python. If a user inputs Feb 2011 the program should be able to tell me that Feb 2011 has 28 days. Could any one tell me which library I should use to determine the length of a given month.

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Use calendar.monthrange:

>>> from calendar import monthrange
>>> monthrange(2011, 2)
(1, 28)

Just to be clear, monthrange supports leap years as well:

>>> from calendar import monthrange
>>> monthrange(2012, 2)
(2, 29)
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Alternative solution:

>>> from datetime import date
>>> (date(2012, 3, 1) - date(2012, 2, 1)).days
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just for the sake of academic interest.
I did it this way...

(dt.replace(month = dt.month % 12 +1, day = 1)-timedelta(days=1)).day

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