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ok so i am doing this

<% @courses.each do |course| %>
     <span><%= course.not_competent %></span> <span><%= course.novice %></span></td>
<% end %>

this in my Course Model I have this

def novice
  self.courses_users.low_scores.collect{|score| score.user.username}.join(', ')

def not_competent
  self.courses_users.really_low_scores.collect{|score| score.user.username}.join(', ')

the problem is this approach will run thousands of queries....is there a better way that will not bring down the DB

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Use :include on the finder I suppose. –  Zabba Feb 8 '11 at 21:57

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right @Zabba , try at first to change the call that populate @courses and add something similar to this params

:include => [{:courses_users => :low_scores}]

or chain

.includes([{:courses_users => :low_scores}])

(i suppose low_scores is another associations of your model )

in this manner Activerecord change the first query you have with inclusion of the nested tables.in this ascii_cast some example .

hope it could be usefull

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