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The iPhone/iPad app 'Things' has a registered URI scheme. I know it exists:


in Safari launches Things.

I'd like to use it from a web application.

Is there any documentation for it?

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They've replied on the forums and posted an example there. They plan to put a documentation site up. Best to wait for that. But if you're impatient like me, here's the bookmarklet I'm successfully using on my iPhone:

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Thank you! I can get back to my evil plans now! ;-) –  Tom Morris Feb 24 '11 at 19:22

This is an email I received from them on Dec 22, 2010:


I wanted to let you know that we have now implemented a Things URI scheme that lets you add tasks to Things like so:


This will be released in our upcoming major releases for the iPhone (1.4) and iPad (1.7).


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I've been discussing the same thing on the forums, here:


I've also asked on Twitter. So far our attempts haven't discovered the parameters, and there is no documentation. Hopefully we'll get a response soon.

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Ask the developers for documentation (on twitter or in the forums).

Once you know the parameters you can use the URI just as a normal URL in your web app.

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