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I'm trying to get my head around i18n with Catalyst. As far as I understood the matter, there are two ways to make translations with Perl: Maketext and Gettext. However, I have a requirement to support gettext's .po format so basically I'm going with gettext.

Now, I've found Catalyst::Plugin::I18n and thus Locale::Maketext::Lexicon, which does what I want most of the time. However, it doesn't generate proper pluralization forms, i.e. properly writing msgid_plural and msgstr[x] into the .pot file. This happens probably because Maketext depends on its bracket notation [quant,_1...] and thus has to have the same notation in the translation.

Yet another solution might be using some direct gettext port like Locale::Messages, however this would mean rewriting C::P::I18n.

Does anybody have a proper solution for this problem apart from rewriting several modules? Anything that combines proper gettext with all its features and Catalyst will do.

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You will probably get a better answer on the mailing list:

I assume you've also read this:

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Of course I've read that, but it's mostly talking about C::P::I18N which I've mentioned would need some patching... – Nikolai Prokoschenko Jan 30 '09 at 19:41
Which is why I suggested you ask your question somewhere with Catalyst users. – jrockway Jan 30 '09 at 20:05

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