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How do you do this? Given several build files, I only want to include the ones where the target (specified from the command line) exists. Using target::exists in does not seem to work. Thanks.

    <target name="*">
        <property name="" value="${target::get-current-target()}"/>

        <nant target="${}">
                <include name="*.build" if="${target::exists(}"/>
                <!-- avoid recursive execution of current build file-->
                <exclude name="${project::get-buildfile-path()}" />                    

Using robaker's solution, my final build file looks like this. It does not fail anymore if the target is not found in a certain build file (unlike my previous code).

   <include buildfile=""/>
   <include buildfile=""/>

   <target name="*">
      <nant target="${target::get-current-target()}"/>
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Why not just use the include task to include all your child build scripts instead?

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it worked! thanks robaker -- greatly appreciate your help! – ban-G Feb 9 '11 at 19:33

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