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Consider the following simple two table setup:

drop table ranges;
drop table entries;

create table ranges (x integer, y integer, label varchar);
create table entries (v integer);

insert into ranges values(1, 5, "range1");
insert into ranges values(8, 10, "range2");
insert into ranges values(20, 30, "range3");

insert into entries values(0);
insert into entries values(3);
insert into entries values(8);
insert into entries values(12);
insert into entries values(23);

Now, the query

select * from entries as a, ranges as b
where a.v between b.x and b.y;

will give me


That is, values in entries which do not fall into any of the ranges will not appear in the results.

How can I write a query that will return a row for each entry in entries so that I get


preferably in generic SQL (I am using PROC SQL in SAS).

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select * 
from entries as a
left outer join ranges as b 
  on (a.v between b.x and b.y);

And a +1 from me for providing sensible and usable DDL and INSERT statements. It's a pleasure to help you.

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Thank you for helping me get my mind unstuck. I don't know why but I was going through a bunch of contortions, forgetting about outer join. –  Sinan Ünür Feb 8 '11 at 23:17

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