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I am trying to run tests by adding a version of tornado downloaded from in the sys.path.

recipe = zc.recipe.testrunner
extra-paths = ${buildout:directory}/parts/tornado/
defaults = ['--auto-color', '--auto-progress', '-v']

But when I run bin/tests I get the following error :

ImportError: No module named tornado

Am I not understanding how to use extra-paths ?


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Have you tried looking into generated bin/tests script if it contains your path? It will tell definitely if your buildout.cfg is correct or not. Maybe problem is elsewhere. Because it seem that your code is ok.

If you happen to regularly include various branches from git/mercurial or elsewhere to buildout, you might be interested in mr.developer. mr.developer can download and add package to develop =. You wont need to set extra-path in every section.

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