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I am using WiX to create an installer, and wish to share a folder during the installation process. I would like to grant permission to all users. I am using the following fragment:

<util:FileShare Id="MYSHARE" Name="MyShare" Description="Description of MyShare">
  <util:FileSharePermission GenericRead="yes" Read="yes" ReadAttributes="yes" User="Everyone" />

I am getting a compile time error of: "Unresolved reference to symbol 'User:Everyone' in section 'Product:{MY-GUID}'."

Any suggestions on how to create a share for all users?

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You need to have a Util:User element. The FileSharePermission/@User is a reference to a User/@Id attribute.

Unfortunately, there are some design inconsistencies related to User attribute. Usually it is a reference to User/@Id but sometimes it is just the user name... sad, yes.. but we haven't fixed it all yet.

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