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Using crosstab expert in CRpts, populating the columns selection with 2 column names and using preview, report has I cannot tell what is what. Report has helpdesk total by date and out of that total there is a group count for another dept. Report looks great with one column selected. However, once I select a column fr db and select it to the columns with Crosstab expert, the columns in the report preview are displayed but hard to tell what is what since I get No and Yes columns. I also have Keep Groups together, column totals on top, and Row totals on left "checked" out. I want to be have: grand toatl column(for helpdesk) total for Dist. Classrooms afected totals

Can you help? I am also new to CR and have not been able to make a "hit" researching.

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I'd like to help, but I don't understand the problem. Can you give us a specific example? – PowerUser Feb 10 '11 at 19:41

Based on the above, I want a report to look like:

   (col 1)     (col 2)     (col 3    

Date Group District Classes Affected

Crosstab expert has: 2 rows, 2 summaries(sum on date and grandtotal on top), 1 col(which works great with only col 2 used as column but not when I include col 3).

District is count of district's in group Classes Affected is count of groups count.

Is this better?

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