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I come from a background of coding my client website projects from scratch with MySQL and PHP. They are typically public facing sites with a mixture of static content, dynamic content plus a little functionality here and there (i.e. account, searching etc). Nothing too heavy.

So I generally code up a little CMS site to let them update what they need to, put it in a protected folder and that's that.

Now I'd like to use CodeIgniter and more of a MVC approach for my next site. Should I be doing anything to separate the CMS out from the rest of the site or is it simply another area (with its own controllers/models etc) and extra authentication?

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There are several good methods to create an admin interface in CodeIgniter described at:

You probably will want to look mostly at "#2" on his list; it's lightweight and not much additional work.

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I personally do #1, and create a subdomain for the backend section. It works really well, and you can add any number of subdomains in this manner (for example, I also have an API section using the same method). – Shauna Feb 16 '11 at 16:42

The CMS is part of the site, if by CMS you mean administration panel / backend of your application, you can use the above link provided by coreylink as it details different ways to create an admin panel.

My personal preference is to create a folder called 'admin' in my controllers directory and create semantically meaningful names so my urls are and so on.

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