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I need to send command to windows service from a windows form. I have tried ExecuteCommand of ServiceController but had hard time testing.

I am planning to use sockets for IPC as i can also receive a feedback.

If any one could help find a similar example it would be great.


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Usually for IPC like this I prefer plain sockets. They're simple and easy to test (just telnet/ncat to try out). However a gotcha is you have to choose a listening port that could potentially cause conflicts. I prefer a random port for this reason. –  seand Feb 9 '11 at 4:43
Remoting? It can really bi simple, if you don't expect much? –  Daniel Mošmondor Feb 9 '11 at 6:09

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If you don't mind third-party solution, our MsgConnect ( http://www.eldos.com/msgconnect/ ) was designed for exactly your purpose and it has a sample. With MsgConnect you can use MMF or sockets as a transport.

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Thanks for the comments.

I decided to go with wcf and this really helped.

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