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I try to compile my code that contains annotations that generate source code. I use the maven-compiler-plugin and build-helper-maven-plugin. My POM is looking like that:


When I run mvn compile, ${project.build.directory}/generated-sources/apt is added as a source directory, and the generated sources are generated in the correct directory. But I get compiler errors because of missing references to the generated classes. It's like the generated source directory is not included in the compilation process.

I also try apt-maven-plugin which does not generate anything. And maven-annotation-plugin but it behaves as describe above.

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Can you try with the latest version of maven compiler plugin (2.3.2)?

Also build-helper-maven-plugin is not required since it looks like you are using the maven-compiler-plugin itself to generate the sources from the annotation.

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I had the same issue, it works fine with 2.3.2, there is a "false error" about missing symbol definitions but it's just on the first pass to generate the Metamodel –  dcestari Feb 24 '11 at 0:01

The release 2.0.7-SNAPSHOT of maven-annotation-plugin should solve the problem

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fwiw I just downgraded from 3.0 to 2.5.1 and fixed an issue I was seeing with APT processing not being executed after a few runs, using maven so just downgraded one version:


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