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I use an Org file to keep track of my activities, because it's often that I am loosing track of what actually I am aiming to do :)

Now, I would like to reserved a top buffer window with only 5 lines tall and show the narrowed todo from that org file. All other window/buffer activites will not touch that static/pinned buffer.

Is there a way to achieve that result???


EDITED : Can we make that certain buffer to have different background Color? I pressume it's not, because all we have is set-background-color... I hope I am wrong..

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This isn't really specific to Org-mode, so I edited the title. I'm always interested others' buffer management tricks, as I find the default behavior pretty unsat. – harpo Feb 9 '11 at 4:54
indeed. that's true! I also add about differentiating colour for that buffer – swdev Feb 9 '11 at 4:57
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If you clock in to the Org TODO item, that task will be displayed in the modeline of the current buffer; you might also find that helpful as a reminder of what you're working on.

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That is so nice!. Thanks. I just understand how to use Clock in and Clock out of task. Yes, no top pinned buffer needed. – swdev Feb 11 '11 at 9:07

Maybe setting the variable special-display-buffer-names will set you in the right direction.

(setq special-display-buffer-names 
      '(("magic buffer"  (width . 70)
              (height . 7)
              (background-color . "green"))

to test certainly made a buffer called "magic buffer" turn up in a small and very very green frame. (For real-life use, of course do go through the customize mechanism by all means.)

ETA: And then, there's also this question which might apply here.

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that' nice! I should give that a try – swdev Feb 9 '11 at 8:19

The original part of the question is a duplicate. See How do I make this Emacs frame keep its buffer and not get resized? (which is slightly enhanced over the earlier Pin Emacs buffers to windows (for cscope)), and the set-window-dedicated-p function.

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YOu can use org-todo-list to show TODO items and org-agenda will show you useful choices such as "M" that filters your TODO items by keyword.

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I struggled with the same problem for a while. The best solution I came up with was creating a small Emacs frame (size: 80x13) for my Org-mode agenda and placing it in an always-visible portion of my screen. (Use "C-x 5 2" to create a new frame.)

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