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I just installed Rubymine, and Imagemagick through the terminal for use with Rails Papercilp. For some reason if I run the Rails server through terminal everything works, but if I run the server through Rubymine, it says Imagemagick is missing.

Anyone have any thoughts? I've been trying to figure out this config issue for hours now.

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It is most likely that imagemagick is not in your PATH in Rubymine. The Rubymine environment is different from shell. See http://devnet.jetbrains.net/docs/DOC-1160;jsessionid=1858A969645F39423219A415388AF557 for how to do this.

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probably, not the best way to handle it in general, but quick-n-dirty solution is

from terminal:

$ rvm use [environment@you_want] 

(or just cd into ruby app folder if you use .rvmrc)

$ open /Applications/RubyMine.app

(or any other valid path to RubyMine installation)

this will load all necessary environment...


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