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Can I post a public message to an my application, and if so, will it automatically send that message to the public feeds of all users of the application who have authorized it for offline_access,publish_stream?

Note: When a user clicks my application's "Subscribe" button they are explicitly doing so to get informational updates published to their feeds, so I request offline_access,publish_stream and they have to authorize that.

This question is about sending one message to everybody at once instead of iterating over each user of the application.

I think something like this can be done with Pages.

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Private message? – zerkms Feb 9 '11 at 5:19
@zerkms: public message for the feed - the users have agreed to subscribe to updates from the app. I'll clarify the question also. Thanks. – John K Feb 9 '11 at 5:21

Technical part: yes, it is possible to send to your application feed a message through facebook api.

To perform this you need to give "publish_stream" permission to the account you're sending the message from. After this you can schedule messages sent without authentication.

Sociel part: the users will see your messages in their feeds until they explicitly hide your application from streaming.

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