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Is it possible to load a System Plugin conditionally, based on menu items?

e.g. some pages in my site are conflicting with the Mootools Upgrade plugin, which is required for Kunena. I want to only include the plugin on the Kunena pages.

Thanks Geoff

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There is no native way of doing this.

To keep things the way they are now and not have conflicts in future updates -create a Plug-in that load last. It's job is to check JDocument and see script was loaded and if so Remove it from there if page is non Kunena or vise versa... E.g. Disable the kunena plug-in, and in your plug-in check if page is Kunena... if so load that plug-in programmatically.

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Helpful, thanks. –  Geoff Feb 14 '11 at 0:03

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