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I am embedding a dynamic webpage in a popup. Currently its working and every time popup is loaded the webpage is loaded again, thus me losing the work i did on the webpage in popup. Though its fine, but i want that webpage remain loaded in background and i just show it in popup on click. to do this i copied complete code from my pop up page(script+html) to background.html. Now how should i access the page completely in popup and show directly(i want to show html also-from background page)


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Popups live in the same process (the extension process) as the background page, and one page can get the DOM Window of the other. A popup gets the background page by calling chrome.extension.getBackgroundPage(). So every time you open the popup, just read and write to some variable on the background page, for example chrome.extension.getBackgroundPage().enteredData = "value";.

Alternately, you can use HTML5 localStorage to store variables even after the browser is shut down; e.g. localStorage['enteredData'] = "value".

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This only works for saving javascript. There's no way to maintain the DOM state of an actual html page between popup open/closes. –  cilphex May 9 '13 at 19:01
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