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How can I take a URL path like this and break it up to

  • the params, which in this case would be param1=1 and param2=2
  • the end script, like levelE
  • the middle folders in my script levelA, levelB, levelC, levelD


http://test.com/ levelA/ levelB/ levelC/ levelD/ levelE ? param1=1 & param2=2

Another example would be this, where the folder depth is different, and the number of parameters is different:

http://test.com/ levelA/ levelB/ levelC/ levelD ? param1=1 & param2=2 & param3=3
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Use parse_url() to split the URL, and parse_str() to split the query string into its components.

The levelA/levelB/levelC part is best split using explode().

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