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I have created a label and added an image to it using the seticon property. Now I want to print that image but I am unable to do so.

I tried with .print(Graphics g) method but I dont know what is that graphics??

If someone can help me in printing the label, I would be really grateful to you.


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You should implenent Printable interface see for example here

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You don't need to print anything explicitly just try following

 ImageIcon ii=new ImageIcon("PATH_TO_IMAGE_FILE");  

 //Create a label with your image file  
 JLabel label=new JLabel(ii);  

 //Create a window using JFrame with title ( Put image on JLabel )  
 JFrame frame=new JFrame("Put image on JLabel");  

 //Add created label into JFrame  

Update as per your clarification :

Follow this , and pass label.getGraphics() to printAll() method

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I think u didnt got it... I am referring printing as taking a hard copy here :)) – Vipul Feb 9 '11 at 8:05

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