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Hy, probably this would be a simple question, but i don't know its answer.

I have a project, myProject. In webContent i have the file home.xhtml, leave.html and i have 2 other folders cats and dogs. In the cats directoy i have a page cat.xhtml, and in director dogs i have a page dogs.xhtml.

I want to go from each page (home,cats, dogs) to page leave.html i have in each file an commandLink

    <h:outputLink value="leave.html" action="#{myBean.leave}">

myBean in method leave returns a string "leave"


but this doesn't work. i also tried using <to-view-id>../leave.html</to-view-id> or add a new folder leave and i put in there the leave.html page i used <to-view-id>/leave/leave.html</to-view-id> oe <to-view-id>/../leave.html</to-view-id>

but all have the same result HTTP Status 404 /myProject/cats/leave.htlm type Status report

message /myProject/cats/leave.htlm

description The requested resource ( /myProject/cats/leave.htlm) is not available.

thank you in advance for your answers

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If you need to add additional information, please just update your question. – Tim Post Feb 9 '11 at 10:34

Your navigation is not working because page is always going to "leave.html". h:outpuLink uses value property for navigation. I suggest you use h:commandLink and use value property for display link (Leave) and action property for from-outcome string.

<h:commandLink value="Leave" action="#{myBean.leave}"> 
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