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I am dealing with loading a TTF from Resource only. This question helped me answer part 1. But now I need a NSFont from a CGFont or CTFont.

This is for a Mac only application.

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How to get an NSFont from a CGFont

Use CTFontCreateWithGraphicsFont.

How to get an NSFont from a CTFont

Do nothing. You already have one. NSFont and CTFont are toll-free bridged, so a CTFont is an NSFont and vice versa.

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I thought toll-free bridged means only you can send messages of the other class to each other. Now I assume it also means you can use it directly as a substitute in place of the other. – Quakeboy Feb 10 '11 at 5:40
Too bad Xcode still doesn't hint at this very well. If at all. – uchuugaka Apr 26 at 12:18

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