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I've tried to add music to an application I've made. First I tried with .wav files though they became so huge that the application became too large to upload anywhere.

So I changed the files to .mp3, tried JMF and JLayer though both of them won't work on runnable jars (even if they work fine when I haven't exported them).

So anyone got any tips on how to play compressed music with a runnable jar?

Here's the code for JLayer, when exported it stops working at f = new File(u.toURI()) without throwing any exceptions...

try {

    URL u = cl.getResource("New Beginnings.mp3");
    f = new File(u.toURI());

} catch (URISyntaxException e1) {

try {

    FileInputStream fis = new FileInputStream(f);
    p = new Player(fis);;

} catch (Exception e) {

Edit: Fixed with changing the above code to:

try {

      InputStream fis = ClassLoader.getSystemClassLoader().getResourceAsStream(temp+".mp3");
      p = new Player(fis);;

   } catch (Exception e) {
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Where did you place the sound file exactly?

You should create a new package inside your project and place the resources there, then read the file by sending a complete path:

ex. create a new package called sounds, then:

  InputStream fis = ClassLoader.getSystemClassLoader().getResourceAsStream("/sounds/"+temp+".mp3");
  p = new Player(fis);;

To be honest, I didn't try it with sounds, but this problem happened to me when I used images. I placed them in a package, and everything worked fine..

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You don't have to create a new package inside your project, just place it within the src and it should be fine. As mentioned I fixed it when I changed the code, I had forgotten that creating a new File in a jar isn't allowed. :o – Skarion Feb 9 '11 at 10:39
@Skarion How to play if the mp3 files are outside of the jar ?? My Application is a kind of music player. – jeevs Apr 7 '14 at 18:59
@Skarion jFileOpener or whatever it is called, get the URL, and send it to the player. – Mazyod Apr 8 '14 at 2:58

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