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I am new to core plot framework and facing an issue:

i am CPGraphHostigView to draw a pie chart. As the CPGraphHostigView doesn't detect touch events i have an UIView on it which can detect touches. Now how can i pass this touch events to the pie chart so that CPPieChartDelegate method.

- (void)pieChart:(CPPieChart *)plot sliceWasSelectedAtRecordIndex:(NSUInteger)index

gets invoked.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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CPGraphHostingView inherits from UIView, which inherits from UIResponder. Therefore, CPGraphHostingViewdoes detect touch events.

Here are the steps you should follow in order to detect touch events on your pie chart slices :

  1. Add a CPGraphHostingView to your view in Interface Builder. You can achieve this by adding a simple UIView and change its class manually to CPGraphHostingView;
  2. Declare your hosting view in the code:

    // In your view controller .h file:
        CPGraphHostingView *graphHosting;
    @property (nonatomic, retain) IBOutlet CPGraphHostingView *graphHosting;
    // In your view controller .h file:
    @synthesize graphHosting;
  3. Make the connection with the IBOutlet in Interface Builder;

  4. Initialize your graph and link it to the graph hosting view:

    self.graph = [[CPXYGraph alloc] initWithFrame: self.graphHosting.bounds];
    self.graphHosting.hostedGraph = self.graph;
  5. Initialize the pie chart and set the view controller as its delegate:

    CPPieChart *pieChart = [[CPPieChart alloc] init];
    pieChart.delegate = self;
    [self.graph addPlot:pieChart]
    [pieChart release];
  6. Add <CPPieChartDelegate> to your view controller's declaration, and implement the method:

    - (void)pieChart:(CPPieChart *)plot sliceWasSelectedAtRecordIndex:(NSUInteger)index
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