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I have the mappings:

            constraints {
                // apply constraints here
        } // i used scaffolding and i think this is required by the generated stuff
'/'(controller:'home') //for the home page
'/$param1?/$param2?'(controller:'search') //for a search page 

The required url to be displayed in the browser is: - for home - for a search by these optional keywords

This seems to work but my question is: Can I expect this to be correct or in some situation grails will get things mixed up?

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It will not. Grails will sort your url mappings based on a given set of precedence rules ( from specific to general ).

Your urls will always be the same and return the same page.

However, because your mappings are ambigous, sometimes it might return a page that you don't expect. A better design is to have search be mapped to:


this way it is unambigous.

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What if i use instead something like: '/$param1/$param2'(controller:'search') and '/$param1'(controller:'search') – calin Feb 9 '11 at 10:17

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