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I am using the jQuery UI Button element with a Checkbox. The idea is that this works as a Toggle button. The button is pressed and stays in the 'pressed'/'active' state until it is clicked again, it is a effectively a checkbox with a button as a visual interface to the user.

My problem is that the button does not stay in the pressed state in Internet Explorer. It works correctly in other browsers. So when if I click the button, and then press anywhere else on the page, the button will now appear unpressed/default/inactive.


    icons: {
        primary: "ui-icon-wrench"

$('#btnOptions').click(function (event) {


<input type="checkbox" id="btnOptions" /><label for="btnOptions">Options</label>

Any ideas? Thanks

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Well turns out I am an idiot!

This line of code it what was doing it:


I had this in there as a convention because when the buttons are links, I use that to prevent the page jumping to the top. However this time it was preventing the default behaviour!

So code that works is as follows:

$('#btnOptions').click(function (event) {
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