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I'm wondering how to show a popup/tipbox when a mouse has been hovered over an element for a period of time, e.g. pseudo code:

if mouseover
    if hovered for more than 2 seconds
       --> show popup/tipbox
       ---> cancel mouseover
else if mouseout
    --> reset timer/cancel mouseover

I've done this so far, but it doesn't work effectively, if I hover and move the mouse quickly, it will still show the popup/tipbox.

$('a[rel=tip]').live('mouseover mouseout', function(e)
    if(e.type == 'mouseover')
        var mouseTime = setTimeout(function()
        }, 1000);
    else if(e.type == 'mouseout')
            mouseTime = null;

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This seems to work for me:



<span id="someelem">Hover me for 2 seconds!</span>


var tooltipTimeout;

                    {tooltipTimeout = setTimeout(showTooltip, 2000);}, 

function showTooltip()
    var tooltip = $("<div id='tooltip' class='tooltip'>I'm the tooltip!</div>");

function hideTooltip()


    cursor: pointer;

    display: block;
    position: absolute;
    background-color: rgb(130, 150, 200);
    padding: 5px;
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Try this:

function show_tipbox (thelink,tipbox) { 
    var timer; 
    timer = setTimeout(function(){
        $(tipbox).stop(true, true).fadeIn('normal');
    }, 300); 
    $(thelink).mouseout(function(){ clearTimeout(timer); });

function hide_tipbox (tipbox) {
    $(tipbox).stop(true, true).fadeOut('normal');

And the html code should be:

<a href="#" id="thelink" onmouseover="show_tipbox('#thelink','#tipbox');">The link</a>
<div id="tipbox" onmouseout="hide_tipbox('#tipbox');">Tipbox Content</div>
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You could try This plugin - it's written by one of the authors of a very good jQuery book, so ought to be good. The demos look promising.

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