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I need to export a number of rows (from different tables- ie, all the related information about an entity - for eg: a Customer) to another DB in Oracle. How do we do this? I am using a windows OS. Please help. Thank you all, Pradeep

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So you want to export say customers 1-100 and any related records like orders, contact addresses etc.? – a'r Feb 9 '11 at 12:47

While connected to database 1 you could also create a database link to database 2 (if you have rights to do so - there were no assumptions on this) and insert to your tables by selecting from your link e.g. like this

CONNECT TO <user> IDENTIFIED BY <password> 
USING '<connect string>';

select * from table1@foo;

Further information:

A database link is a connection between two physical database servers that allows a client to access them as one logical database.

See Dabtabase links at Oracle Database Administrator's Guide.

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You can use Oracle's export and import utilities

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You might want to give Data Pump a try as well (depending on your version). Many options for moving around data from Oracle -> Oracle dbs

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Another option is the SQL*Plus copy command. It's not very fast, but it can be very convenient in certain contexts.

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Oracle's SQL developer tool has the option to export data as insert statements.

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