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I have a @htmlDropDownList as

@Html.DropDownList("MyList", new SelectList(Model.List, "Id", "Movie"))

in a mvc3 view.

How can I capture the selected value of this drop down list using javascript and use it to change the contents of the view according to the selected item?

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To get the value is simple:


For the second part of the question I need more info.


How would we use the value?

//get the url for the movie description , define id  as 0, so it is easier to replace lateron.
var moviedescriptionUrl = '@Url.Action("details", "movies", new { id = 0})';

//get the movieid
var movieID = $('#MyList').val();

//update a div
$('#movie-description').load(moviedescriptionUrl.replace('0', movieID));

Assuming I have an "details" action that return a partial view.

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Thanks.Say I have it as var a = $('#MyList').val(); then how can I use that value and change the content of the exsiting view using an ajax call??I'm using MVC3 views –  Umesha Gunasinghe Feb 10 '11 at 5:39

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