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I'm rendering some quite complex output on a flex Graphics object and can't reset the fill style once I've used it.

For example:

var g:Graphics = this.graphics;

g.lineStyle( 3, 0xff000, 1 );

g.moveTo( 10, 10 );
g.lineTo( 20, 20  );
g.lineTo( 10, 20 );                                 

g.beginFill( 0x00ff00 );
g.moveTo( 110, 10 );
g.lineTo( 120, 20  );
g.lineTo( 110, 20 );                                    

g.moveTo( 210, 10 );
g.lineTo( 220, 20  );
g.lineTo( 210, 20 );                                    

First it draws a red line, then a green triangle with a red outline as expected.

But the last line drawn still has the green fill style applied even though I have called endFill().

I can't seem to find any way to disable the current fill style once I've called beginFill().

This is Flex Builder 3.0 with the 3.0.0 SDK.

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Have you tried calling beginFill with an alpha argument of 0? –  jswolf19 Feb 9 '11 at 13:06
I've thought about it, but my fear is that Flex would actually waste processing time performing a zero-alpha fill. The documentation does not imply that this will remove the current fill style. –  Jonathan Williamson Feb 9 '11 at 13:13

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