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How to include iframe coding in joomla

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Joomla has TinyMCE as default Editor. It don't allow iframe tag.

You can enable iframe tag in Editor.

Go to > Extensions > Plugins > TinyMCE

Paste iframe[src|style|width|height|scrolling|marginwidth|marginheight|frameborder] in Extended Valid Elements

Now go back to your editor, open html view and paste your iframe code. It will save it.

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Edit HTML in the editor and add the <iframe> tag there.

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I needed to paste an image in a frame, so after i understood that i can't use frames i paste this code, cause i needed scroller.

<p style="overflow:scroll;width:700px;"><img style="border: 1px solid #000000;" src="/images/img.png" alt="img"></p>

If you need to paste a video from youtube it is better to hide the video under a image (screensho for example) giving the link to video. not iframe nor embed doesn't work in joomla.

hope that help)

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