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I have a query that returns multiple rows such as below in MySQL:

attribute_name  value
username          emailuser
domain          mydomain.com

My Required output is as follows:

username       domain
emailuser     mydomain.com

Current SQL:

    SELECT pa2.attribute_name, upa2.value
      FROM product p

INNER JOIN product_attribute pa ON p.product_id = pa.product_id
       AND pa.attribute_name = 'alias'

INNER JOIN user_product_attribute upa ON pa.product_attribute_id upa.product_attribute_id

INNER JOIN user_product_attribute upa2 ON upa.user_product_id = upa2.user_product_id

INNER JOIN product_attribute pa2 ON pa2.product_attribute_id = upa2.product_attribute_id
    AND pa2.attribute_name
    IN (
    'username', 'domain'

WHERE p.product_name = 'email'
AND upa.value = 'emailalias@domainalias'

I have been looking at group_concat, but i think that is the wrong path.. Any suggestions?

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I think you already have the answer to this in your previous question. Just modify the first line of my answer to be: SELECT upa1.value as username, upa2.value as domain –  Joe Stefanelli Feb 9 '11 at 14:19
Hey Joe, thanks for taking another look at one of my problems.. upa1 is used to pull back valies matching an alias.. upa2 brings back 2 values being username and domain as seperate rows. –  Lee Feb 9 '11 at 14:21

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Nothing wrong with group_concat. The following query will be slow but for a small table, that might not matter so much.

GROUP_CONCAT(IF(`attribute_name`='username', `value`,'')) AS `username`,
GROUP_CONCAT(IF(`attribute_name`='domain', `value`, '')) AS `domain`,
FROM (your old table or the select query)
GROUP BY `attribute_name` 
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Thanks for the answer, worked a treat.. I didn't realise you could use conditional statements like that.. I might have to search for a faster method but its put me on the right track i believe.. –  Lee Feb 9 '11 at 14:30

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