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Sorry if this seems incredibly simple. I am only new to Symfony.

I just want to have a template/view which "contains" other views. So, for the following example, imagine on my /dashboard/ it will show both "statistics" and "inbox". I want the code for each of these to be within separate actions/methods.


class dashboardActions extends sfActions
    public function executeIndex(sfWebRequest $request) {
        // Load statisticsSuccess
        // Load inboxSuccess

        // Render them both "within" index template

    public function executeStatistics(sfWebRequest $request) {
        // Render statisticsSuccess

    public function executeInbox(sfWebRequest $request) {
        // Render inboxSuccess

Thanks for any assistance you can provide!

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Make "statistics" and "inbox" components. Be sure to reference the documentation of the version of Symfony you're using.

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thanks mate, exactly what I was looking for. Will accept your answer once it lets me. –  captainclam Feb 9 '11 at 14:27

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