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I've no experience with SQL Server 2005. I've been assigned a task to modify views for adding 4 columns to the view. Is it possible to do this without the column change reflected in the table the view is referring. If I've columns in the Table , then do I just drop the view and create a new or is there a way to alter it.

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What is the source data/definition for these additional 4 columns? –  Martin Smith Feb 9 '11 at 14:35

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You can use ALTER VIEW to achieve the result you are looking for.

This will just act as dropping the existing view and adding new columns from your new select statement. However, this is better than dropping your existing view and creating a new view because the Alter view will retain the permissions granted to users.

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If these 4 columns are calculated based on existing data then you just need to run ALTER VIEW... and add them into the query definition used by the view

ALTER VIEW dbo.foo 
SELECT originalcolumnlist, A+B AS col1, C+D as col2, E+F as col3, G+H as col4
FROM yourtable

You can right click the View definition in Management Studio and "Script View as -> Alter" to see the existing definition.

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alter view TheViewName
select oldCol_A, oldCol_B, NEWCol_C
from someTable


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